Professional Partners & Marketing Agencies

At Cover Company we have a privileged relation with most car manufacturers, hundreds of dealers and large network of independent resellers. We also regularly collaborate with marketing agencies on the organization of customer events, new car presentations and other marketing actions.

Over the years we have acquired over 5000 patterns for all types of vehicles becoming one of the few car covers producers specialized in classic cars. 

Below you can see some examples of the latest events:

Reveal Car Presentation Porsche

Porsche Cayenne Reveal Presentation cover

Reveal Car presentation

Reveal Car presentation cover Hispano Suiza Carmen

Reveal Car presentation cover Porsche Taycan

Reveal Car Presentation cover for Porsche Taycan

Motorcycle presentation cover

Reveal Motorcycle presentation cover at Harley Davidson

Reveal Presentation cover

Car Reveal presentation cover at ES Motors Andorra


If you are an agency, dealer or Marketing department of any motor brand please contact our design team for ideas for your next event!