Cover Company Car Covers - Why should I use a protection car cover?

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Why is it important to use a cover for your car?

Buying a car usually represents the largest investment people make other than a house. One of the most important points to consider in this investment is that it depreciates over time (except of course in the case of certain classic cars that tend to appreciate because of their uniqueness). An appropriate protection will certainly slown down the depretiation process and help you preserve its value. According to second hand experts, a well presented car can be valued up to 30% more than a regular car of the same characteristics. Protecting your car is protecting your asset!

If considering the two following points:

1) A car is a major lifetime investment and
2) This investment will depreciate over time ...

It is clear that the more we protect this investment the longer it will last and the higher the price we will when we sell it.

With classic cars, the need for ultimate protection is also vital in order to keep their unique features intact. On the one side, the lucky owners of a piece of history are responsible for their conservation for future generations and on the other these cars represent a economical source whenever we need to convert them into cash. It is therefore important to provide these cars with the best possible care whether we park them indoors or outdoors.

The car covers from Cover Comany are designed to provide extra care to your investment. We have car covers for all models available on the market and we manufacture them to perfectly adapt to the shape of your car model. We use the best materials on the market to provide perfect protection both indoors and outdoors from external agents that can damage your car.

Here is a full presentation of our complete range of car covers:

Indoor car covers Satin (standard and custom made):

The interior of this cover provides high protection to your car's paint. The exclusive material is extra light and very soft. The cover is adjustable underneath the car finished with a rubber doubled stiched which assures your cover long life and robustness.

Material properties:

- Breathable 100%
- Soft interior, satin exterior
- 100% Polyester
- Washable at 30 degrees

Outdoor car covers (rainproof and breathable):

This is the perfect protection for your car under any weather conditions. This car cover has a soft interior that protects the paint of your car while being waterproof, an ideal choice for our rainy winters.

Material properties:

-85% Polyester, 15% Cotton
-Soft interior
-100% waterproof
-UV protection

In both cases, we use the highest quality materials to provide the best protection for your car in all weather conditions. Thank you for giving us the chance to protect your investment!

Cover Company team