Why should I use a car cover?

Why should I use a car cover? Which cover should I choose? Why do prices vary so much?

It is often difficult to choose the right protective car cover given the vast market offering. Price differences themselves are huge and often linked to the difference in car covers quality. It is therefore essential that you get all the information necessary in order to make an educated decision.

Cover Company has prepared a list of key questions and points that will help you select the car cover that matches your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

1. Desired type of storage?
    a. For garaged cars you will need a cover which protects your car against dust, dirt but also external aggressions caused by pets or scratches made by your neighbour’s doors (if your car is stored in a public car park).
    b. Car parked outside: you will be looking for a protection against the different weather conditions such as rain, hail, frost, snow, wind, UV etc but also external aggressions (animals, stone throwing, vandalism etc..) and dirt (dust, sap, bird droppings, cats urine...).
In both cases, you must ensure that the condensation formed on the cover interior (humidity, warm engine ...) can evacuate in order to avoid corrosion.

2. Materials?
Poor quality car covers can cause a lot more damage than you might think:
  - Scratches caused by rigid linings and hard seams will harm the paint.
  - Corrosion resulting from a non-breathable cover (the condensation formed on the interior of the cover stays within and rust appears).

Here are the key points you should look for in the cover materials:
    a. Waterproof material quality: for outside parking (eg PVC or Moltex).
    b. Soft grip elastics: to prevent damages made to the car body while allowing a good fixation of the cover. This will avoid friction and flutters in the wind.
    c. Super soft linings and seams: in order to protect the paint and avoid micro-scratches.
    d. Breathable material: against the formation of condensation inside the cover

3. Looks?
    a. Made to measure car covers (our Platinum range): the top quality and most beautiful covers. They are made to the exact dimensions of your car and adjusted to measure. They guarantee the best protection while highlighting the shape of your vehicle.
    b. Semi-custom car covers (our Silver range): also provide a beautiful appearance thanks to the stretchy "glove" type material; unlike the made to measure car covers, it is not made to the exact pattern of the chosen model. However, they provide a quality adjustment and are usually equipped with side mirrors sleeves (beware: these car covers are often sold as made to measure ones).
    c. Standard car covers (our Bronze range): provide top protection when high quality materials are selected (interior should be soft, breathable and exterior waterproof for exterior parking). They are cut to the basic dimensions of your vehicle (height, length and width). You can quickly realise if you are offered a high quality standard car cover or not by checking if it is nicely fitted (very important to prevent friction in windy weather).

4. User-friendliness?
    a. You should look for a high quality but thin and lightweight material that will allow an easy handling of the cover (the fact that it is thin will ensure ultra-fast drying).
    b. Easy to store: it should be compact and equipped with a bag or carrying case. If you have multiple vehicles, it is wise to order a bag including the make logo and / or car model names. All our covers are sold with a storage bag.
    c. Make sure the cover is machine washable.

Quality car covers products are all high quality. We offer the best car protection while focusing on great looks.

In summary, here are the key points to look out for when selecting a car cover:

• Ease of installation (lightweight, compact storage case)
• Nicely fit to the vehicle to prevent rubbing (it should perfectly "cover” the car)
• Soft interior and seams
• Soft grip elastics
• Seal the bag outside
• Breathable top quality material: moisture does not accumulate and condensation is immediately evacuated
• Lightweight and compact
machine washable