EVA Foam Car Mats - Custom made - 4 piece set

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EVA foam car mats for Mercedes Benz: The latest technology in car mats with protection against dirt and liquids. No more floor mats that collect dust and dirt. With the revolutionary EVA rubber mats you can wash and dry them in minutes and always keep your car free of mites.

Multiple colors and piping available. Made to measure for your car, it even covers the rest foot. Configure your set of mats now. We have most of the current models on the market


tapis auto sur mesure caoutchouc eva

EVA is a low-density, yet high-strength material that provides comfort, style and functionality and offers significant advantages over standard cloth or rubber floor mats.

EVA rubber allows us to manufacture a product that repels liquids and dirt thanks to the external and internal geometric shape of the mat. Its grooves retain dirt and liquids and are removed with a simple movement.

We seek the balance between the simplicity and functionality of the material, without affecting its durability and guaranteeing its maximum protection.

Long durability
The high-quality and long-lasting properties are guaranteed by the chemical characteristics of the EVA material and the high-quality control standards at all stages of production. EVA mats last longer and do not wear out in extreme conditions compared to classic cloth mats.

Traps dirt and liquids
The diamond-shaped cell structure retains dirt and fluid inside and prevents it from spreading inside the car. Also, due to this structure, the liquid spreads into the cells.

Easy to clean
Simply tap the back of the mats to clean them. Although dirt and liquid are trapped inside the cells, it is very easy to clean with a shake. For a perfect wash, pressurized water can be used as the mats dry quickly.

Customization and design
The mats are customized to each vehicle model. In addition, we have a wide range of colors that can match the vehicle, from the most classic colors to more original options. Available in the following colors:

Black, Red, Matino Blue, Beige, Brown, Mustard, Yellow, Liela, Orange, Pink, Green, Graphite.



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