Standard Rainproof Car Cover - Outdoor Bronze Range

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Extra soft outdoor protection for your car. High quality 5-layer, breathable fabric with UV protection.

  • Provides effective protection agains rain, snow, moderate sized hail, UV rays, dust and small bumps and scratches.
  • Breathabel fabrics: protects even in humid conditions keeping your car always dry.
  • Light fabrics: easy to put on and store (includes carry / storage bag).
  • Over 40 sizes always in stock: all car types available (sports cars, sedan, SUV, crossover, vans, pickups, hatchback).

Worried about harsh weather conditions? Start protecting your car with our outdoor extra soft outdoor cover today and sleep tight.


Outdoor Car protection Cover 

Good Fit
We store over 40 sizes in our warehouse for all vehicle types including sports cars and SUV´s. We have certainly a size for your car ready to ship.

Maximum protection for your car

Your car always protected against all weather conditions thanks to it´s 5 layer non-woven fabric. This material is breathable, waterproof and protects against UV rays. It alsp provides adequate protection against moderate sized hail.Outdoor car cover

Key features:

  • - 5-layer non-woven breathable fabric: your car dry even in extreme humid conditions.
  • - UV treatment: perfect for sunny areas all year round.
  • - Extra soft interior: ideal to avoid scratches and small bumps.
  • - Light: easy to put on and store. Comes with carry / storage bag.

Always in stock

We store over 5000 units constantly in our warehouse so we can serve our customers immediately.

Outdoor Ford Car Cover USA

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  2. Fits my Dodge Charger Like a Glove By: Ms Kat
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    If your internet search brought you here, you've found the right place. Several things make this car cover stand out among the other internet hits: 1. The color selection - the red is spot on 2. The cover fits my car like a glove 3. The cover material is good quality 4. A matching bag is included - optional with an inscription (I selected this) 5. An inscription can be added (I selected this to make it my own).
  3. Good quality By: Robert Green
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Nice job wish there was a front/back marker
  4. Really nice By: Owen Mckegney
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Really please with these car covers look amazing, and feel amazing will definitely recommend excellent !!!!
  5. Nice reveal cover By: Lionel
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very beautiful satin cover and a thousand thanks to the teams for their responsiveness and the seriousness of their work. Well done!
  6. Top-notch By: Christophe Béthune
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Already the fifth cover I buy and I am always as satisfied with the service but also and especially with the quality of the products.
  7. Excellent product and craftmanship. By: Christie Moore
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent product and craftmanship. Very pleased. Timely communications. Will be ordering additional covers in the near future for other vehicles.
  8. Cover of excellent quality By: Yuri
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    The cover fits the car (Alfa Giulia) perfectly, preventing air from getting between the cover and the body. An excellent purchase
  9. I highly recommend By: Pierre
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    The cover fits the vehicle perfectly, excellent quality.
  10. Easy to assemble By: Micke
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very practical for storing the hardtop.

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