Custom outdoor car cover - Platinum Range

100 % of 100

Hand made, extra soft custom made cover for your car. Provides effective protection against UV rays, rain, moderate sized hail, snow and much more.

  • Strong 3-layer fabric: perfect under all weather conditions.
  • Breathable fabrics: allows condensation to evaporate even in humid conditions
  • Fully customizable: 2 colours to choose from and you can also add an inscription
  • Easy to put on and store: comes with storage bag

Sleep tight. With our outdoor custom made cover your car will be 100% protected against all weather conditions and also against scratches, small bumps, dropping branches and dust.


Custom made outdoor car cover

Perfect Fit

We produce each cover with the exact pattern of your car. Includes mirror pockets and spoilers if needed. A true second skin for your car!

Maximum outdoor protection for your car

Your car spotless every time for yout to enjoy thanks to the 3 layer extra strong fabric. It´s a breathable, locally produced fabric with 2 polyester layers and a waterproof polyurethane membrane in the middle.

We also apply a water-repellent treatment to the fabric so small rain will not even wet the tissue. outdoor car cover

Key features:

  • 3 layer fabric with an innder waterproof polyurethane membrane
  • Extra soft linen on the inside: avoids scratches and small bumps
  • Water repellent treatment: dew and small rain will not even wet the fabric
  • Reinforced with double stitching: effective even with strong wind
  • Light fabric: easy to put on and store. Includes carry bag
  • Breathable fabric: effecive even in high humid conditions
  • Waterproof: good water penetration resistance

You can choose the colour of your cover between light grey and black. You can also add an inscription on the bonnet or sides. Our design team is ready for your ideas and to make your cover a unique piece.

Fast production
Current manufacturing lead time is about 9-12 days. If you need it faster please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to accomodate your requirements.

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  1. Cover for Mercedes W110 By: Robert
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    This is not the first cover we buy here due to its high level of finish quality and the good materials used in the cover.
  2. Great fitting on front seats By: Boppa
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product look and feel good quality,got these to protect my leather seats,because of work I don't want to destroy the original seats,hasn't really taken much away from the look of the interior. Because of how the seats are in the Q3 sline Quattro, you can't really strap the rear seat cover down as the seat is bolted down .But that is what it is,would definitely buy this product again .literally everything about the covers says quality.
  3. Excellent By: Charles
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very good cover, great quality, I recommend it!
  4. Superb!! By: Steve
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very good quality, this is my second cover, the quality is impeccable.
  5. Incredible quality By: Eder
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    After spending quite a bit of time looking at various sites and asking for recommendations, I decided to buy the cover from Cover Company. I'm very glad I made this decision; you can tell the cover is high quality just by touching it, and the size is perfect for my MX5. I am relieved to see that I made a good purchase. Additionally, the two people who assisted me were patient in answering all my questions, which, as a very indecisive person, I had quite a few.
  6. So far so good By: Robert Sherr
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    I have not used it yet
  7. Nice product By: Jag
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    For the F-Type, the model is perfect. The car is well protected. A front-back marker could be a plus.
  8. Custom-made By: Jack
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Truly excellent quality, it's solid. I feel that the car is well protected from all weather vagaries. Very nice quality... We'll see over time. I absolutely do not regret my purchase.
  9. FIAT ABARTH 595 By: Marga
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
  10. Excellent quality cover By: Yuri
    Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    The cover perfectly covers the car (Alfa Giulia), preventing air from getting between the cover and the bodywork. An excellent purchase.

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