Custom Car Cover for BMW - Indoor Platinum Range

Effectively protects your BMW against dust, scratches and bumps while parked inside. Each cover is carefully hand made with the exact pattern of your BMW model and version. 

The indoor Platinum range is specifically designed to keep your BMW safe and immaculate for long periods of time. Key features:

  • Extra soft linen inside: perfect to prevent scratches and bumps
  • Breathable fabrics: effective even in humid conditions
  • 15 colors to choose from: fully customizable
  • Quick and easy to put on and store
  • Carry bag / storage included

Keep your paintjob like new and save hundreds later on car washes, polishing and small paint jobs. Your BMW tidy and spotless every time for you to enjoy.


Custom made car protection for your BMW

Keeping your car clean and tidy every time you need it takes time and effort – even in a clean garage there is dust and small particles that will cover your car in no time.

Having a careless parking neighbor opening the door against your BMW? Small bumps and scratches are the main reason why there are so many autobody shops around – and they are very expensive.

The Platinum range indoor car cover is the perfect solution if you are looking for an effective protection against dust, scratches and bumps while parked inside.

INCREDIBLE FITcustomer reviews BMW car cover

Each cover is precisely designed and cut with the exact shape of your car. It includes spoilers, mirror pockets or any other external options your BMW may be equipped with. A true double skin for your car.


Your BMW always ready to use without having to take the dust off and safe against bumps from parking neighbors. Save hundreds in small paint jobs, regular washes and polishing.


Locally produced 100% polyester, 150 grs/m2 with an extra soft fleece on the inside face and a satin finish on the outside. Fully breathable providing effective protection even in humid conditions. You will envy your car once you touch it!


Choose between 15 colors, remark those beautiful lines of your BMW adding a different color piping on the seams. An inscription? Of course, we can customize your cover as you like it. Need ideas? Our design team is ready to jump in and send you a mockup before production.


We will produce your new cover within 9-12 working days.  Need it quicker? Chat with our customer service team and we will try to arrange a fast track for you at no extra cost.


Indoor car cover for BMW

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