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Are you looking for a quality car cover to protect your BMW? Look no further and start protecting your car with our extra soft, breathable car covers for BMW. At Quality Car Covers we have the exact patterns for all BMW models, both classics (since the 60´s) and contemporary models (including the latest range out on the market today).

On this section you will find a complete range of car covers both for indoors and outdoors. Below you can a high level overview of our ranges:

bmw car covers

Main characteristics our our car covers for BWM models:

Indoor Car Covers for BMW

Indoor Platinum range: this is a BMW custom car cover, made with the exact pattern of your car. This tailored car cover will effectively protect your car against dust, condensation and scratches. Our workshop produces each cover by hand using high quality, breathable and extra soft materials. Fully customizable, you can choose within 15 colours, piping and also you can add your inscription (number plate, model, etc).

Indoor Silver Range: these BMW car covers are made of a stretchy fabric perfectly outlining the shapes of your car. The fitted BMW cover is fully breathable and features a super soft interior. Available in red, black, navy blue,gray and british green for indoor protection.

The indoor car protection includes side mirrors sleeves (available on most models). It offers a near made to measure look to all BMW models available on the market (classic or contemporary). We carefully select the appropriate size according to your car model.

Indoor Bronze Range : this is a standard, high quality indoor car cover for all BMW models on the market, both contemporary and classics. Excellent protection for indoor storage against condensation, dust, scratches. Made of high quality breathable polyester with a very soft interior fleece. Available in black, red, dark grey, silver and navy blue.

Outdoor Car Covers for BMW

Outdoor Platinum range: Custom made in our workshop, this outdoor car cover will effectively protect your car under all weather conditions. Our workshop produces each cover by hand using high quality 3-layer, breathable and extra soft materials. Fully customizable, you can choose within 2 colours and also you can add your inscription (number plate, model, etc).

Outdoor Bronze Range: this is a standard outdoor BMW car cover. Excelent all weather protection for your BMW outdoors. We have sizes for all BMW models both current and classics. Effectively protects your car against rain, snow, UV rays, heat, dust, condensation, scratches and most outside conditions.

Made of 5-layer high quality material with a very soft linen inside, breathable and lightweight.

We also supply Reveal covers to many dealerships around Europe and USA with their own branding.

How to choose your BMW Car cover

There are many options on the market for car covers and we understand you might be overwhelmed with so many offers and pricing differences. You have worked hard to own your BMW and you know it deserves the best protection so do not try to save a few pounds going for the supermarket option or the big retailers. They are not specialists, the just import from the far east whatever is cheap and sells well. Selecting the right cover - the best protection for your car - involves looking at the materials used, the warranty and ensuring you deal with experienced profesionals that will recommend the best option for your needs.

Out team has over 10 years experience designing and producing at our own workshop. We work with local suppliers controlling the whole process. Reach out to our team and start protecting your BMW with the cover you need to keep your BMW as new for years to come.