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  1. Top Fitted Car Seat Covers

    custom car seats coversCar lovers always try to keep their vehicle interiors in the best condition. They know how it is crucially important to protect the car not only outside but inside it as well. You cannot prevent dirt from coming into your vehicle, the occasional spilt drink or food, that is why you shout protect your car seats with covers. They prevent stains, and they’re a lot easier to clean, too, than your vehicle’s original upholstery.

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  2. Car Covers for Porsche

    porsche  car cover Are you looking for a high-quality car cover for Porsche? We have created the best vehicle covers just for you! Start protecting your car with our extra soft, breathable car covers for Porsche. At Cover Company we have the exact patterns for all Porsche models, both classics and contemporary models.

    In this section, you will find a complete range of car covers both indoors and outdoors. Below you can a high-level overview of our ranges:

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  3. Protect your golf cart stored outside

    Waterproof golf cart coverIs your golf cart stored outside? Are you looking to keep it in optimal conditions? Your golf cart can suffer many outdoor damages. Indeed, among aggressive external agents, we find: the rain (sometimes sandy, salty or acid), snow, frost, hail, dust, dirt, sun heat, UV rays but also bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, stone throws, cat/animal scratches, leaves blocking air ducts.

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  4. Custom Covers for American Cars

    Dodge Challanger car coverAmerican car culture is one of the most significant in the automobile industry. American car companies have been producing dozens of car models that are absolutely iconic both classic and modern. American car owners are lucky to have safe, comfortable and stylish vehicles. Therefore at Cover Company we know how it is crucially important to keep your car protected against condensation, dust, and scratches. We know how to produce the best covers for American Muscle cars.

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    Reveal car coverWhether you are a car garage, car dealership or an automotive marketing agency, our car reveal cover will be of great use to you. It offers great car protection while storing cars and creates a WOW effect during customer car deliveries.

    This reveal cover is essential for all your events:  new models presentations, exhibition fairs, new car delivery etc.

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  6. Reveal Car Covers

    Reveal Car Cover

    At Quality Car Covers we are proud to present our range of Reveal car and motorfbike covers. Specially desinged for EOM´s, dealerships and resellers, it is now also a very appealing item for detailers and body garages. It is the ideal cover for your car presentations, shows and great to surprise your customer after a detailing or a new paintjob.

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    Many automobile professionals (car dealers, car storage etc) are looking for a versatile car cover. Indeed, they stock different models and/or sizes and their need is very specific: to find a car cover that can fit on these different cars while remaining aesthetic and high-quality. For some professionals, it is necessary to add a logo to the car protection cover to enhance their professional image toward the clients.

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  8. Custom Car Covers for Ford Mustang

    custom car cover for MustangFord Mustang has always been one of the most iconic and stylish cars in the automobile industry. If you are a lucky owner of a Ford Mustang you know how it is crucially important to maintain your car at the highest level. 

    At Cover Company we produce the best Car Covers for your vehicle, both standard and custom Ford Mustang covers. We know how it could be difficult to find the fitted cover for a particular Ford Mustang model but our professional approach and high-quality materials let us produce the best custom covers for Ford Mustang. 

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  9. Car Cover Washing and Care Instructions

    car cover care instractions Do you know how to wash a car cover or do you need some tips on how to take care of a car cover? We have collected some car cover care instructions for you

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  10. Where to Buy The Best Car Cover For Mustang?

    Indoor Car cover Ford MustangThe best indoor and outdoor protection for Ford Mustang! We have a wide range of covers both for modern and classic Ford Mustang.

    All our materials are breathable and equipped with very soft linen inside. Ford Mustang car covers can be shipped all over the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, Canada and USA.

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