Choose the best car protection for your American Car

Dodge Challanger car coverAmerican car culture is one of the most significant in the automobile industry. American car companies have been producing dozens of car models that are absolutely iconic both classic and modern. American car owners are lucky to have safe, comfortable and stylish vehicles. Therefore at Cover Company we know how it is crucially important to keep your car protected against condensation, dust, and scratches. We know how to produce the best covers for American Muscle cars. We have patterns for all models from the 50s. Our team is constantly producing new patterns to achieve a perfect fit for all models on the market both classic and modern. car cover for Chevrolet el CaminoOur pattern designers produce your car cover pattern following the exact lines of your car, reducing the number of seams to the minimum. Check here how perfectly our car cover suits a Chevrolet el Camino

Custom-made car cover for American Muscle car:

If your are looking for an indoor car cover for Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro or any other American car model   Indoor Platinum range is the perfect solution for you. This custom indoor car protection is made from the exact pattern of your American car model. Custom car covers will effectively protect your car against dust, condensation, and scratches. Our workshop produces each cover by hand using high quality, breathable and extra soft materials. Our high quality car covers are fully customizable, you can choose from 15 colors, piping, and also add an inscription of your choice (number plate, model, etc).

If you park your car outside, you will need a waterproof car cover. Outdoor Platinum range: this custom car cover for Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang or any other American car model will effectively protect your car under all weather conditions. Our workshop produces each outdoor cover by hand using high-quality 3-layer, breathable, and extra soft materials. Fully customizable, you can choose from 2 colors as well as add an inscription (number plate, model, etc).

What should I do if I can not find my American car model on the drop-down menu or if I have a modified car

 That is not a problem for us! Reach out to our team and we will be happy to design it for you.! We produce car covers for all American muscle cars! Just let us know the exact year of manufacture of your car, body type or model.  We make car covers for Mustang, car covers Dodge Challenger, car covers for Chevrolet Camaro, car covers for Dodge Charger, car covers for Chevrolet el Camino etc. 

Feel free to contact me to design your car cover. My email is [email protected]  (Lolita).