Monthly Archives: January 2024

  1. Centenary of MG Cars at Rétromobile 2024: A Tale of English Heritage

    100 years of MG at Rétromobile 2024The 2024 edition of Rétromobile unfolds with a distinctly British theme - "so British". This year, we celebrate the centenary of MG, an iconic brand originating from Great Britain. Rétromobile promises a captivating journey into the history of MG, blending previously unseen archives and rare models never before exhibited in France.

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  2. Will Car Covers Damage Paint? Decoding the secrets of ultimate car protection

    Will car covers damage paint?Picture this: a serene evening, your prized possession gleaming under the stars. But, as any car owner knows, protecting your vehicle's paint can be a constant battle against the elements. In the quest for the ultimate car protection, car covers emerge as unsung heroes. However, the burning question remains: will car covers damage paint in the pursuit of safeguarding it? Let's embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind this automotive enigma.

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  3. Unveiling the secret to preserving classic car tires: The Ultimate Tire Protection cushions

    prevent car tires flat spotsImagine the anticipation as you prepare to bring your classic car out of winter storage, eager to hit the open road again. However, the excitement can quickly fade if your tires have fallen victim to flat spotting, a common issue during long-term storage. This predicament not only compromises the driving experience but also leads to the unwelcome expense of replacing your beloved tires. As classic car owners in America, you deserve a solution that goes beyond temporary fixes, and that's where the innovative tire protection mats from Cover Company come into play.

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  4. Transforming Car Unveilings: The impact of reveal car covers on customer impressions

    Car reveal coversPicture this: the moment a customer sets eyes on their newly purchased car, excitement building as a sleek, customized reveal cover embraces the vehicle. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation, and the dealership isn't merely handing over a car; they are orchestrating an experience.

    Car deliveries are more than a mere exchange of keys; they are about crafting moments that resonate with customers. Reveal covers provide a unique opportunity for marketing executives at top car dealerships to turn a routine delivery into a spectacular event. Leveraging the Principle of Authority, the dealership becomes an expert in dominating its field, employing innovative ways to present their cars. Cover Company, with over 14 years of expertise, recognizes the significance of this moment and offers customizable reveal covers that seamlessly align with the brand identity

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  5. Preserving Automotive Elegance: The Unveiling of Inflatable Car Covers

    car protection bubbleWelcome to the world of automotive enthusiasts, where the preservation of cherished vehicles in impeccable condition takes center stage. Picture this: you open the garage door, and there it stands - your gleaming classic or luxury vehicle. As sunlight bathes its sleek curves, the realization dawns that an extra layer of protection is needed. Enter the narrative of inflatable car bubbles, a tale of innovation and preservation that transcends the ordinary.

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  6. Preserving Elegance: Unveiling the Art of Protecting Your Classic Car

    car covers for classic carsIn the world of classic cars, each vehicle tells a story—a tale of timeless elegance, craftsmanship, and cherished memories. As passionate owners, we invest not only in metal and machinery but in the preservation of our automotive heritage. Imagine, for a moment, your prized possession shielded from the elements, nestled beneath a car cover that not only protects but breathes life into its storied existence.

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