Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. Check Out Our Outdoor Car Cover!

    Waterproof car coverThe best outdoor protection for your car. At Cover Company we have all patterns, both classic and modern models. We are constantly working on new and existing patterns to make sure our covers fit perfectly.

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  2. Cover Company at Porsche Tra’Montagne 2022

    custom Porsche car coverLast weekend we had the pleasure to participate in the new edition of the  Tra’Montagne event, close to Perpignan (South of France). A long-awaited event after a 2-year "pause". More than 200 vehicles joined at Saint Cyprien for this 2-day event which included racing, parade, village, DJ, driving simulators and lots of visitors during a very sunny weekend. 

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  3. Waterproof and Breathable Car Cover

    Your car is stored outside and you are worried that the weather will damage it...
    Here are our tips! Read this article quickly!

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  4. Where to order a custom car cover for Fiat 500?

    car cover fiat 500Do you still have doubts about where to buy a tailored car cover for Fiat 500? Or are you willing to order a car cover with particular colors?

    Quality Car Cover produces each cover by hand using high quality, breathable and extra soft materials. Customizable, a wide variety of colours available, logo stamped on demand piping and also you can add your inscription (number plate, model, etc). At our company, we design and produce both indoor and outdoor made-to-measure car covers.



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  5. Car Covers for Mini

    mini cooper car cover Are you willing to buy a quality car cover for Mini? We have a solution for you! Start protecting your car with our extra soft, breathable car covers for Mini. At Quality Car Covers we have the exact patterns for all Mini models, both classics and contemporary models.

    In this section, you will find a complete range of car covers both indoors and outdoors. Below you can a high-level overview of our ranges.

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