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  1. Christmas Gifts Ideas For Car Owners

    goft for car loverChristmas shopping is a big part of our lives in December, you can enjoy shopping when you have a particular list of what to present to your family and friends. But finding thoughtful gifts for the people who have everything isn’t as simple. So we prepared a list of the best gift for the car enthusiast, who has everything.  

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  2. Chevrolet Car Cover Indoor and Outdoor Protection

    car cover for chevrolet camaroAre you a car owner of Chevrolet? And you are looking for a high-quality car cover for Chevrolet? 

    We have created the best vehicle covers just for you! Start protecting your car with our extra soft, breathable car covers. At Cover Company we have the exact patterns for all Chevrolet models, both classics and contemporary models.


    In this section, you will find a complete range of indoor and outdoor car covers for Chevrolet.

    Below you can a high-level overview of our ranges:

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  3. Custom Car Covers for Tesla Y

    custom car cover for tesla model y Tesla Model Y has become one of the most famous of the all-electric small SUV class. If you are the lucky owner of a Tesla Model Y you know how it is crucially important to maintain your car at the highest level. 

    At Cover Company we produce the best Car Covers for your vehicle, both standard and customTesla covers. We know how it could be difficult to find a fitted cover for a particular Tesla Model Y model but our professional approach and high-quality materials let us produce the best custom covers for Tesla Model Y. 

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  4. Looking for tips on how to store your classic car this winter?

    classic cars coversWinter is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but as well as this is a stressful time for car owners, car owners have to prepare everything to keep their car protected and ready for low tempretaru. Today we are going to talk about classic car storage. This fact has led many people to invest significantly into classic cars, often spending large sums of money to restore them back to their original glory as well as spend thousands more on accessories and other niceties that make these classic beauties shine. But what good is an investment if you do not properly protect it to maintain that pristine condition to which you have restored it?

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  5. TOP Christmas gifts for car owners

    gift ideas for husband Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for a car owner? Do you want the gift special and custom? Or you don`t have any gift ideas for your husband? No worries! At Cover Company you can find the best solutions.

    We`ve created a list of the coolest and most useful Christmas presents for car lovers!

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  6. Convertible Car Hardtop Storage Trolley

    Car Hardtop Storage TrolleyThe best protection of your convertible hardtop when stored away.

    Our trolley features both side and lower side supports in order to guarantee the safest storage of your hardtop. The trolley is designed so that the hardtop rests on its strongest points to avoid deformation. These points include foam pads to prevent paint scratches.

    The trolley also features 4 sturdy casters all equipped with independent locks to avo   involuntary movements.

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