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  1. A comprehensive guide to storing your motorcycle

    Motorbike coversStoring your motorcycle properly is crucial to maintaining its condition and ensuring it’s ready to ride when you are. Whether you’re storing it indoors or outdoors, during off-season or just overnight, having the right storage solutions can make a significant difference. This comprehensive guide will help you explore various motorcycle storage options and why investing in quality covers and storage products from Cover Company is a wise choice.

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  2. Protection Accessories for Race Cars

    race cars protection accessoriesDiscover our premium range of race car protection accessories, including fitted indoor covers, thermal cockpit covers, reveal covers, flightcase covers, and heavy-duty transportation covers. Designed to safeguard your race cars and parts in every scenario, our high-quality products ensure unmatched security and durability.

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  3. Protect Your Car This Spring and Summer with Cover Company’s Outdoor Car Covers

    car protection cover for summer damageAs spring and summer approach, protect your car from sun damage, wind, humidity, and other environmental threats with Cover Company's Extra Soft Outdoor Car Covers. Made with high-quality, breathable, 5-layer fabric, our covers provide superior protection against UV rays, rain, dust, and small bumps. Available in over 40 sizes, our lightweight covers are easy to use and store. Ensure your car remains pristine and well-maintained—choose Cover Company for the ultimate car protection.

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  4. Ultimate Protection for Your Mini: Custom Car Covers for Vintage and Modern Models by Cover Company

    mini car protection cover usaOwning a Mini, whether vintage or modern, is a source of pride for enthusiasts. Protecting your Mini from the elements is crucial to preserving its timeless beauty. Cover Company produces high-quality, custom-fit car covers designed specifically for Minis. Discover how these expertly crafted covers provide superior protection and maintain your Mini's pristine appearance, regardless of the weather conditions.

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  5. Subaru Cars: A Journey Through the History and Excellence of the Brand

    Subaru protection coverDiscover the fascinating history of Subaru cars, from their humble beginnings to their status as an icon of the automotive industry. Explore the main features, iconic models like the Impreza and the WRX, and how at Cover Company, we offer custom protection for every Subaru, with car covers made in our family workshop.

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  6. Enhance Your Automotive Presentations with Volvo Presentation Reveal Covers

    draps de showroom volvoVolvo reveal car covers are more than just a vehicle cover; they embody the very essence of luxury and exclusivity. Made from high-quality materials, these professionnal car reveal covers are designed to highlight every line, curve and detail of your automobiles, creating a stunning visual experience for your customers.

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  7. Custom made car covers for Noble M400

    car cover for noble m400

    In the world of sports cars, the Noble M400 shines like a star. With its exceptional blend of raw power, precise handling, and elegant design, it has captivated enthusiasts since its inception. Let's delve into the fascinating history of this racing beast, then discover how you can now protect it with a custom-made car cover, lovingly crafted by Cover Company.

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  8. Protect Your Precious Lotus Caterham with Our Fitted Car Cover: A Perfect Blend of Style and Protection

    car cover lotus caterham

    The Lotus / Caterham Seven, a true icon among sports cars, embodies the essence of raw driving pleasure and unadulterated performance. Rooted in a rich history of motorsport excellence, this legendary vehicle commands attention with its sleek lines and agile handling. To preserve and safeguard this automotive masterpiece, we introduce our meticulously crafted fitted car cover, tailored specifically for the Lotus Caterham.

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  9. An American Icon: A History of the Classic Ford Pickup Truck (And How to Keep Yours Looking Sharp)

    Ford pickup car coversThe classic Ford pickup truck is more than just a vehicle; it's a symbol of American ingenuity, resilience, and the spirit of the open road.  For over a century, these trucks have hauled cargo, conquered terrains, and served as trusty companions for generations of drivers.  At Cover Company, we understand the deep connection owners have with their classic Fords,  and we're here to help you keep yours looking its best for years to come.  But before we delve into car cover solutions, let's take a nostalgic journey through the history and evolution of the iconic Ford pickup truck.

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  10. How to Choose the Perfect Indoor Car Cover: Safeguarding Your Vehicle's Pristine Condition

    indoor car cover

    Your car isn't just a means of transportation; it's an investment, an extension of your personality, and sometimes, even a member of the family. So, when it's time to stow it away in storage, you want to ensure it stays in showroom condition. This is where an indoor car cover becomes your trusted ally, shielding your vehicle from dust, minor scrapes, and other storage-related nuisances.

    However, with a plethora of indoor car cover options available, finding the right one can seem daunting. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key considerations, delve into different cover types (standard, elastic semi-custom, and custom-made), and assist you in selecting the perfect fit for your car's indoor sanctuary.

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