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     cover for vintage carAt Cover Company you can find a wide range of protective covers for your vintage and/or collection car.

    Vintage vehicles are real jewels of automotive history; they require the best protection in order to remain intact, retain (and often increase) their value. Cover Company makes it a point of honor to offer the best quality classic car covers.

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  2. Protecting Your Tires Part 1

    Tire matsFor a vehicle to be safe and sound as a whole, the quality and status of all its parts are fundamental, especially the tires. Your tires are your car’s contact point to the ground unless you roll it over often. Therefore they are the most important parts your car has if you really want a safe drive. Of course, you also have to protect your tires when your vehicle is stationary. Most people who buy a classic or a high-end luxury vehicle would want to store them for weeks without moving because of depreciation and costs.

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  3. Custom Car Covers for Porsche 911

    porsche car coversAt Quality Car Covers we are proud to present the most complete series of car covers for Porsche 911. We have created the patterns for all Porsche 911 models from the begining till the latest releases. We have Porsche 911 car covers for all your needs: indoor, outdoors (waterproof car covers for Porsche 911), standard, made to measure, custom made designs.

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  4. Protecting Your Investment Part 3

    Best vehicle protection In some cases, you might want to take your car outside to either move it or take it for a drive. However, you don't want to have to worry about every single ray of sunshine hitting your paint. There are several ways to protect your car's paint layer from harmful UV rays, as the older paints were simply not made to withstand UV rays. And even if you had your classic blessed with a new paint job, you will want to protect that, nevertheless.

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  5. How To Protect Your Car in Summer?

    vehicle protection in summerThe good weather has arrived and summer will soon be on its way. Although summer rhymes with sun, beach, swimming pool, aperitifs and holidays… it is also synonymous with inconvenience for your cars….

    Cover Company has compiled in this article the tips to prepare your car and protect it from heat and UV during the hot summer months.

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  6. Car Covers for Ford

    Are you a happy car owner of Ford? And you are looking for a high-quality car cover for Ford? We have created the best vehicle covers just for you! Start protecting your car with our extra soft, breathable car covers. At Cover Company we have the exact patterns for all Ford models, both classics and contemporary models.

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  7. Protecting Your Investment Part 2

    vehicle coverWhen it comes to classic car protection, an indoor car cover is a popular choice to protect your car from dust and other outdoor elements, even when they are stored inside. These covers are made of materials that protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, and other debris. They also protect your car from the sun's harmful UV rays. Indoor car covers are an excellent option to provide extra protection when you store your car inside to keep it clean and protected from dust.

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  8. Protect Your Vehicle With Hailstorm Car Cover

    Hail car cover

    Best Hail-Proof Car Covers

    Let’s start this article with a fast fact… Did you know that the heaviest hailstone recorded was found in Gopalganj in 1986 (Bangladesh)? And guess what: it weighed 1.02kg!
    Can you imagine the damage caused to your car by such big stones? Due to climate changes in the last few decades, it is said that we will be experiencing more frequent storms. Hailstorms are amongst the most common forms of storms in Europe. And there are very frequent on the American and Asian continents too. As a matter of fact, the Great Plains of the United States and Canada is called "Hail Alley."
    Hail is a type of water in the atmosphere. They are like the upper part of

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  9. Custom Car Covers for Italian cars

    Our team has designed a unique range offiat vehicle coverItalian vehicle brands dominate the premium sports cars, small city automobiles, automobile designs, and supercars. At Cover Company we are proud to present the most complete series of car covers for Fiat, car covers for Lancia and car covers for Alfa Romeo. We have created the patterns for all models from the begining till the latest releases.

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  10. How To Install Your Vehicle Cover

    how to put a vehicle coverHave you bought a cover for your car recently and you are still hesitating about how to install it? 

    We have the best tips for you on how to do it fast and easily.

    Not all car covers will fit your car the same way, even if they are designed for the same type of vehicle. Cover fir depends on the range of car protection you have bought, some of them include pockets for the side mirrors.

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