Waterproof golf cart coverIs your golf cart stored outside? Are you looking to keep it in optimal conditions? Your golf cart can suffer many outdoor damages. Indeed, among aggressive external agents, we find: the rain (sometimes sandy, salty or acid), snow, frost, hail, dust, dirt, sun heat, UV rays but also bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, stone throws, cat/animal scratches, leaves blocking air ducts.

In order to extend the life of your golf cart, get it well protected! Outside, a waterproof and breathable tarpaulin is a must. In addition, make sure that it is well fitted (adjustable strap, elastic bands...) to avoid wind fluttering. Our cover also features eyelets in case you wish to add a cable with a padlock (optional and at extra cost).

Our golf cart covers are made of very high quality 5-layers fabric. They are ideal for outdoor protection and can also be used indoors. The 5 layers give it the highest level of protection:
1 – Very soft fleece interior which prevents micro-scratches on the paint.
2 - Thick padding against scratches, light hail, and other knocks.
3 – Solid alloy of layers 3 and 4.
4 – Micro-perforated fabric which provides waterproofing while
allowing the cover to breathe.
5 – Highly resistant finish against UV rays

In addition, due to its light gray color, the tarpaulin prevents heat forming inside the car.

*Our cover provides basic protection against light hail but does not prevent damage from stronger hailstorms.

See our golf cart cover here.