Classic Car Tyre mats

The perfect car wintering and car storage accessory

While we are all at this time of the year enjoying our classics we propose you to think about the time when your car would need to be stored over winter. Preparing a vehicle for storage means it should start up first time when you turn the key next spring. We will be providing various tips over the next weeks and today we would like to focus on tyres.

Car wintering and storage can seriously damage your tyres, often leading car owners to replace the complete tyres at the end of the winter (indeed, flat spotted tyres are no replaceable). And damage can occur rapidly, as early as 4 weeks after storing the car.

Specialists recommend to inflate tyres slightly above normal pressure and use protection, such as tire cushions / carpets under each tire to prevent flat spots. This process occurs at a faster rate in colder temperatures.

High density rubber tyre cushions are perfect when storing your car for any length of time. They mould around the tire offering added protection. Alternatively, consider taking the wheels off and placing the car on jack stands at all four corners. We do not recommend this option due to the risk of excessive stress on the springs and wheel bearings.

Our tyre protection cushions help you keep your tyres in good condition while your vehicle is stored away. It represents a great long term investment to avoid buying new tyres. An investment that will quickly pay off!

Made using a flexible rubber, they allow a uniform distribution of the weight of the tyre on the surface of the protection mat, thereby maintaining the original shape of the tyre. In addition, its porous material allows water, oil or other liquids to drain completely, which protects your tyres from resulting damages.

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Happy storing!