half car coverOur half-car cover offers you a good compromise of protection outside for the spring/summer period!

No more frost and snow, welcome sunny days! If you are not into using a complete car cover as well as you don`t want to let your car stay without protection... we have the solution!

Light and easy to use, our half-car cover offers you a protection against rain and UV rays on sunny days (and you can then use it against frost and snow in winter next).

Thanks to its special coating, this half-car cover is not only waterproof but also totally waterproof (in winter, it prevents 99.9% of gel from forming on the vehicle). The cover protectsalso your interior from UV rays, which makes it an ally essential during beautiful sunny days.

It is a high quality car protection, made in a polyethene reinforced with strong silk fibers. It is fully waterproof and includes a special rubber coating on the inside to prevent 99.9% of ice formation. Easily fitted, it folds away to a very small package for ease of storage in a nice little pouch bag.

Car Half Cover Material Properties:

     • Totally Rainproof
     • Lightweight for easy fitting
     • Specially designed to avoid frost and ice on car windows (resistant down to -40°C/-40°F)
     • Sunblock protection
     • Highly resistant polyethylen and silk fibers material

Ideal Car Protection Against:

      • Rain, Snow, Frost and Ice
      • Dirt, Leaves and Bird Droppings
      • Sun Damages: UV, light

half vehicle coverAs well as this we create made-to-measure half-car covers. Cover entirely handmade to measure for your vehicle, regardless of year of manufacture or model. Made from an exclusive 3 layers waterproof 3 layers material for the best protection. Be sure to use the cover on a clean vehicle as dust and other dirt on the bodywork may create micro scratches on the paint.