HOW TO AVOID FROZEN WINDSCREENThe winter is coming.  Are you thinking about how to avoid frozen windscreen?

Here is a compilation of car tips and tricks that will help you solve your little problems related to winter frost. Good road!

Special winter window washer fluid

In winter, it is very important to fill the windscreen washer reservoir with a product that is resistant to low temperatures so that the liquid does not freeze and therefore cannot be used when you need it...

In the absence of a special low-temperature product, you can add 1/3 of household alcohol to your classic car screenwash liquid or use 2/3 of demineralized water mixed with 1/3 of household alcohol and add a drop of dishwashing liquid.


Protect your windshield wipers in winter

Your car sleeps outside in winter, protect your windscreen wipers from freezing! Otherwise, you may have to replace them.

First thing: make sure that your car's windshield wipers are off when you turn off the engine. Otherwise, if they are stuck and restart automatically when the engine is started, they could be damaged and cause possible damage to the mechanism which controls them or blow the fuse.

Second advice: do not leave the wipers placed directly on the windshield. This is how they stick to the windshield in freezing weather. The best solution is to use a protective cover that will protect your windshield against frost but also your wipers placed over the cover. Alternatively, you can use cardboard or a thermal blanket to protect the windshield and wipers.

Are your windshield wipers stuck on the windshield? Start the engine and warm up the cabin of your car; the ice will melt. If you can't wait, use de-icer or water (slightly warm, not hot) to loosen them.

Prevent your windows from blocking at low temperatures

As a preventive measure: soak a cloth in household alcohol and rub your car windows on each side. This will prevent them from sticking during the winter.

Help! My windows are blocked! Arm yourself with patience and wait until the interior of your car has warmed up. This will defrost your windows which will open again. Under no circumstances attempt to open the windows by force as you risk damaging them (an electric or manual mechanism). And the window could well remain in the open position, which is very unpleasant in winter!

Avoid the formation of frost on your mirrors

A simple trick is to use 2 plastic bags that you place on the mirrors and that you tie with string or rubber bands. It's simple, fast and effective !

Don't forget the anti-freeze protective half-covers that can be put on and folded quickly and save a lot of time in the morning!