reveal coversKidston at Retromobile Paris 2023

One more year, Kidston trusts us to present its magnificent collection of high-end cars at Retromobile. Every day our reveal covers take care of the vehicles and keep their bodywork clean. Kidston is a specialist in high-end automotive transactions:

Retromobile Paris 2023 event: from February 01 to 05 at Paris Expo, Portes de Versailles (

Presentation Car Covers for Automotive Events

Reveal covers are used at car shows, in dealerships or for a private event. They aim to:

- Create a WOW effect when presenting new auto models.

- Protect the bodywork of cars and keep them clean; thus, to ensure you the best rendering during the event.

- To communicate a marketing message, to advertise during an event.

- But also, to reinforce your brand image, to harmonize your concession, your stand with a specific color and your logo.

Customizable Automotive Sheets

Among the customization options:

  • Colors of the car presentation sheet (15 available, see photo below)
  • Car sheet size: depending on the vehicle (one sheet can cover different models)
  • Auto sheet that covers the floor or shorter
  • Inscription or logo
  • Printing of a pattern by sublimation (printing by an external service provider directly into the fabric, which avoids unsightly folds

For more information or online purchase click: car presentation covers.

Are you looking for automotive reveal coevrs for your event? Write us: [email protected]

We can often reduce the delivery time to 2 or 3 days (rush orders) which is normally 2 or 3 weeks.