Car Presentation Covers for Car Events


Presentation Car Covers for Car Dealers

car dealer presentation coverThe best car cover for optimum protection while stored or to create a surprise effect when delivering a new car.

car dealer protection cover

Find the car cover you are looking for from a wide selection of car protections: standard and stretchy covers that fit various models, 100% tailored car covers, reveal presentation covers... Many customisation options to make it unique: range of colours, customer logo, colour piping etc... 

We are at your service to help you find the cover that meets your requirements.


Presentation Reveal Covers for Advertising Companies

car cover for car show

Your customer is looking for a presentation cover to be used at a car show? Are you looking for a high quality car cover to promote a brand? Here are some examples of the numerous pieces we an produce.

1 - Car Exhibition Presentation Covers:

Great car cover if you are looking to underline the shape of the car and create a surprise effect. Available in both standard fit (black or white) and custom made (with a wide range of colours, dimensions and inscriptions).

car cover for advertising companies

2 - Custom Car Cover for Advertising Events:

100% tailored to meet your needs: choice of colour, printing etc. Produced in our workshop to meet your highest requirements!

We make your car cover as per your customer's specifications.


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