mercedes benz car coversAt Cover Company we produce high quality car covers for Mercedes Benz in all wheather conditions. We specialize in high end materials both for indoor and outdoors and together with our unique craftmanship are able to produce unique covers capable to keeping your Mercedes well protected agains dust, moisture, rain, snow and more.

We have a wide range of Mercedes Benz covers both for indoor and outdoor protection. All our materials are breathable and equiped with a very soft linen inside. Our large experience made us a key supplier not only for thousands of end users but also for professionals, OEM´s, detailing centers and car dealers. Most importantly we are trusted by a large number of Mercedes enthusiasts clubs in Germany and around Europe.

We ship our Mercedes Benz car covers all over the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, Canada and USA. For all other regions please contact our customer service team for details. If you are representing a company with a EU VAT number and need this to be deducted also please reach out to our team and they will be happy to arrange this.

Please see our infographic below where you can check all our Mercedes Benz covers characteristics:

Car Covers Mercedes


Please see below some samples of our Mercedes Benz Car Covers:

Mercedes Benz Car Covers

Mercedes Car Covers


Covers for Mercedes

Car Covers Mercedes Benz