1. The Ultimate Guide to the Honda Civic Type R

    , car covers Honda civicThe Honda Civic is a line of compact cars produced by the Japanese automaker Honda. The Civic was first introduced in 1972 as a two-door model, and it has since grown to become one of the most popular and iconic cars in the world.

    Here is a brief history of the Honda Civic:

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  2. Cover Company at the 28th Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

    Cover Company at The AmeliaOver 25,000 thousand visitors gathered during the weekend of 4th of March for the 28th annual concours at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida.

    The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance is an annual car show and charity event held on Amelia Island, Florida, in the United States. The event features a display of rare and classic automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles, and is one of the premier automotive events in the country.

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  3. The SMART Car: A Brief History and How to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

    smart car coversSMART (Swatch Mercedes ART) is a brand of microcar that was created through a joint venture between the Swiss watch company Swatch and the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. Here's a brief history of SMART:

    1980s-1990s: The birth of the idea. 

    In the 1980s, Nicolas Hayek, the founder of Swatch, began to explore the idea of creating a small, environmentally friendly car. Hayek believed that there was a gap in the market for a car that was stylish, practical, and efficient.

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  4. From the Beginning to the Future: The History of the Land Rover Defender and How to Preserve Its Value

    land rover defender,Land Rover is a British car manufacturer that specializes in the production of off-road vehicles. The company was established in 1948 by Maurice Wilks, who was the chief designer at Rover Company. Wilks was inspired to create a rugged, go-anywhere vehicle after World War II when he saw the American Jeep being used on farms and off-road.

    The first Land Rover prototype was built on a Jeep chassis, and it was designed to be a versatile, four-wheel-drive vehicle that could be used for farming, industrial work, and leisure. The original Land Rover was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948, and it was an instant success.

    Over the years, Land Rover has expanded its range of vehicles to include luxury SUVs, such as the Range Rover, as well as compact SUVs, such as the Evoque. The company

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  5. The Importance of a Personalized Delivery Experience for Car Dealerships

     customized coversDelivering a new car to a customer is an exciting moment for both the dealer and the customer. It is an opportunity for the dealer to leave a lasting impression on the customer and make the experience memorable. Here are some ways car dealers can improve the impression on their customers when delivering cars:

    • Use a reveal presentation cover: A reveal presentation cover is a special type of car cover that is designed to create a dramatic reveal moment when the cover is removed from the car. This can be a great way to make the delivery experience more memorable for the customer. The cover can be branded with the dealership logo or the car manufacturer's logo to add a sense of occasion to the event.
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  6. Cherishing Classic Cars: Driving, Maintaining, and Storing with Care

    classic carsClassic cars are vehicles that are generally considered to be collectible or noteworthy due to their age, rarity, design, or engineering. While there is no specific definition of a classic car, they are typically cars that are over 25 years old and have a certain historical significance or cultural importance.

    One of the main reasons why classic cars are valuable is because of their rarity. Many of these cars were produced in limited numbers, and as time passes, the number of surviving examples becomes increasingly smaller. As a result, the demand for classic cars can be quite high, which can drive up their value significantly.

    Classic cars also have a significant cultural and historical significance. They represent a particular era in automotive design and engineering, and they often have a unique aesthetic that reflects the style and trends of their time. As

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  7. Muscle, Value, and Care: A Guide to Owning and Protecting Your Dodge Challenger

    dodge challenger car coverThe Dodge Challenger is a classic American muscle car that first debuted in 1970 as a response to the popular Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. It was designed to be a high-performance vehicle that could compete with other muscle cars of the era, and it quickly gained a reputation as a powerful and fast car with a distinctive style.

    The first generation of the Challenger was produced from 1970 to 1974, and it featured a variety of powerful engine options, including the iconic Hemi V8. After a hiatus of over 25 years, the Challenger was reintroduced in 2008 with a retro-inspired design that paid homage to its classic roots.

    Since its reintroduction, the Challenger has continued to be a popular muscle car, known for its powerful engines and bold styling. Dodge has released a number of special edition versions of the Challenger over the years, including the SRT Hellcat

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  8. Preventing Flat Spots: Tips for Long-Term Storage of Your Vehicle

    tire cushionsStoring a vehicle for a long time can be challenging, as there are several factors that can affect its condition over time. Here are some things to take into account when storing a vehicle for a long time:

    • Choose a suitable location: The location where you store your vehicle should be dry, cool, and well-ventilated. Avoid storing your vehicle in a damp, humid or excessively hot location. If possible, store your vehicle in a garage or covered area to protect it from the elements.
    • Prepare the vehicle: Before storing your vehicle, perform routine maintenance, such as changing the oil, filling the gas tank, and checking the tire pressure. It's also a good idea to wash and wax the exterior, clean the interior,
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  9. Cover Company, the custom car cover specialist

    Cover Company is dedicated to designing and producing high-quality, custom car covers for over 15 years. Based on years of experience and customer feedback, we've developed a range of products that are designed to meet the needs of classic car owners and enthusiasts.

    Our car covers are made with durable materials and are tailored to fit your car's specific make and model, providing protection from the elements and preserving its beauty. Here below are some of the most frequent questions our customers wonder: 

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  10. Preserving the Value of Your BMW: A Comprehensive Guide to Investing, Maintaining, and Protecting Your Luxury Car

    bmw car coverBayerische Motoren Werke, commonly known as BMW, is a German multinational company that produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles. BMW's history can be traced back to 1916 when the company was founded as a manufacturer of aircraft engines in Munich, Germany.

    After World War I, BMW was forced to stop producing aircraft engines due to the Treaty of Versailles, which prohibited Germany from manufacturing military aircraft. As a result, BMW turned its focus to producing motorcycles and later expanded to automobiles.

    During World War II, BMW once again focused on aircraft engines and produced engines for the Luftwaffe. After the war, BMW was banned from producing aircraft engines and was forced to rebuild its business once again. The company shifted its focus to producing small cars and motorcycles.

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