car protection for camping holidaysMost campers are very fussy about their camping equipment. They take great care of their caravan/ motorhome, wash and store their camping accessories meticulously ... but what about their car? The sad fact is that very few are those who protect it appropriately.

Let’s take a quick look at the most common external aggressions for a car parked on a campsite:

- Sun: UV and heat do not agree with rubber, paint, plastic and leather.

- Wind: it carries leaves, dust and other small particles that create car body scratches and micro-scratches.

- Sea: sea salt and sand are your car body worst enemies

- Trees: they provide shade and oxygen and that’s why we love them…. But their leaves or pine needles accumulate in car vents. Moreover, their highly resistant sap pollutes our cars. Besides, pine cones could leave memories on the roof / hood of our car. Finally, while parked under a tree, you often end up being birds favorite toilet…

- Animals: for instance, cats love sleeping on car hoods (scratches)

- Other: stone-throwing, kids etc.

While selecting your protection car cover for your camping holidays you should choose one that is :

- Easy to install (light) and store away.

- UV and heat resistant (except if your car is always in the shade).

- Rainproof (non-waterproof covers can help if you stay at a campsite where it does not rain very often – note that most indoor covers do not protect against UVs).

- Soft on the inside to fully protect your car body.

- Well-adjusted and including straps to secure underneath the car to avoid wind flutters. A car cover that is not well secured in strong winds to damage your car paint (dirt gets in between the car and the cover and the cover movements cause micro scratches) and you could also lose the cover if it flies away.

So we`ve created the high quality outdoor car coverthat absolutely protect your car from common external aggressions. Choose the best one! 

outdoor car cover for camping