How to Remove Frost from Car Windows How to De-Ice Your Windshield Fast?

What is frost?

Frost is a deposit of water vapour that solidifies on your car's windows and other parts. It is a common (and very unpleasant) phenomenon that occurs when the air is too saturated and the humidity level is very high.

7 Options to prevent frost on my vehicle windows

1- Shelter it: The best solution is obviously to park your car in a garage. This is not always possible, so here are preventive solutions for cars that sleep outside:

2- The special outdoor protective cover that will cover (and protect) the whole car. It will prevent the formation of frost on the windows, the windshield, the locks etc...Choose a quality cover that will be soft inside so as not to damage the paint. Also, the cover must be waterproof while allowing the condensation that may form inside the cover to escape (difference in car temperature/outside air).

3 Car anti-icing protection- The car half-cover: is a good alternative, easier to install daily. Make sure it can be easily attached and is well sealed. Most frost covers do not stick to glass.

4- Cardboard and sheet: you do not have a cover and need a "homemade" troubleshooting solution: place a piece of cardboard on the windows and the windshield to prevent frost. Be careful, if the weather is very humid, the cardboard could soak up water and stick to the windows... A sheet can also do the trick. Never jam the cardboard/sheet in the doors as this could deform the seals of your car.

5- Commercial anti-icing product: you can find many anti-icing brands in the form of an aerosol spray on the windows (the solutions below are nevertheless more ecological).

6- 90° alcohol: apply 90° alcohol twice a week to your window and windshield. This solution prevents frost from forming on the windows of your car. How to proceed? It's simple, take a clean cloth, soak it in 90° alcohol and wipe it over all the windows.

7- White vinegar also works. It prevents the formation of frost on the windows of your car. You will need to mix white vinegar (3 parts) with water (1 part) in a spray bottle and spray everything on the windows.

3 Solutions to remove the frost that formed on the windows of my car

1- The scraper: get a good scraper specially designed for this purpose and activate the elbow grease!

2- The de-icing spray: you will easily find de-icing sprays in all car shops or supermarkets. Applied to frosted windows, it provides a quick (but not too green) solution to the problem in question.

3- Water (only to help you out): pour lukewarm water on the windows. Never use hot water which could crack the windows of your car due to thermal shock (frozen windows and too hot water).